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    An association where all medical students work together for better national and global health and are equipped with knowledge, skills and values to serve as responsible future physicians and health leaders. 










     To prepare and practically equip medical students in identifying and solving health challenges through scientific and professional approach.













  • Conference 2015 September 30th - October 4th Dar es Salaam This will be the 8th edition of the International Conferences to be hosted by the Tanzania Medical Students Association, the main theme will be "HEALTH INSURANCE IN TANZANIA: HOW FAR HAVE WE REACHED, TOWARDS ACHIEVING UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE" to register follow http://www.tamsa.or.tz/1/index.php/conference
    The 6th General Assembly September 30th - October 4th This shall be the 6th General Assembly taking place concurrently with the international Conference. The General Assembly Acts as the main decision making body for the association.




Dear TAMSA, IFMSA and our friends!

It is once again a pleasant year in the TAMSA calendar. This youth association has more work this annum in shaping and building the capacities of medical students together with serving the community with full commitment and promise.With 50years of our beautiful nation and the deadline for the MDGs soon approaching, we would like to dedicate this year in addressing health matters that have not yet fully been tackled and increase our awareness and the alertness of others on these challenges.
It is not easy for us to take these steps unaccompanied, we will need each and every hand and support to take a leap and make an impact in the community; which is the center of our attention for the year.We aim to toughen and strengthen the bonds with our sister and our patron associations in realizing a common goal.We strongly believe that together we can improve the health of all Tanzanians equally and efficiently. Finally I would like to thank our partners, sponsors and donors in advance for their outstanding shoulders that stand as a station for us to see far and fulfill the purpose of our training.

I wish you a fruitful 2015/16

We Are Here To Help

 The Association seeks to contribute to the creation of responsible future physicians through promoting humanitarian ideals among medical students. Wherever we are needed, we are ready to serve.


 The Tanzania Medical Students Association is ready to serve the community by providing health education and community health services to the societies surrounding our local chapters. We believe in the motto “committed, to serve”

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